Mobile Teaching Vs. Mobile Learning

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Individuals have had access to “portable learning devices” since the advent of the printing press; we call them books.” – Rochelle Rodrigo has launched a 5 day mobile learning sprint filled with great articles, videos, and webinars on mobile learning. Rochelle Rodrigo wrote a highly informative article on Mobile Teaching vs. Learning. She states: 

Historically, higher education has had the problem of focusing on instructors teaching instead of students learning. Since the publication of Robert Barr and John Tagg’s article in Change3 in the mid-1990s, research has shifted away from how instructors teach to how students learn. Research now shows that successful learning needs to be active and engaging, connect to the students’ prior knowledge, and simulate real-world experiences. The promise of mobile learning is the ability to engage students with creative and/or sophisticated content learning activities on their multimedia production devices. This is worth repeating: To achieve the promise of mobile learning, we have to stop thinking about these powerful mobile multimedia devices as onlyconsumption devices and get students using them as production devices.

For more information read the source article here.



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