Ten Ideas for Interactive Learning

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Any teacher, whether teaching kindergarten or high-ed, knows that keeping students interested and involved in their lessons is vital to learning. Kevin Yee, a professor at the University of Central Florida, authored “Interactive Techniques” in which he shares techniques teachers can implements and gives the following advice:

He cautioned teachers not to fear new methods because of possible failure: “I think it’s also OK if something is attempted and it doesn’t work. It’s OK to just be up front with the students and say, ‘Well no, this experiment didn’t work—let’s move on.’”

One of Yee’s techniques, featured bellow, is one of our favorites:

Test Tournament: Divide the class into at least two groups and announce a competition for most points on a practice test. Let students study a topic together and then give your quiz, tallying points. After each round, let students study the next topic together before quizzing again. The points should be carried over from round to round. “The student impulse for competition will focus their engagement onto the material itself,” the paper states.

What is one of our favorite ways to implement this interactive technique? Having students play EduRace of course! EduRace is part of ClickerSchool and can be used on mobile devices or with our clickers. We recently released it as an Apple app as well–ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker

Want to learn more about interactive learning? Head over to the source here


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