Reflections on #140edu Day 2

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday concluded the second and final day of the newest #140 Conference, #140edu, and we had quite a time. The speaker lineup included principals, poets, innovative educators, and even a 6th grade student, who had the audience amazed by her insight into social media. Just as the conference suggests, participants focused on the use of social media as a way to reform education. Here are a couple of highlights from yesterday’s event: 

Less talking. More Doing (via @BSchuler)

Public education is the biggest Fail Whale of our generation and we are all to blame. Our Federal and State governments have dropped the ball. People with financial means have fled to private schools. And Silicon Valley has not succeeded in any technical innovation. The current public dialog is filled with divisive finger pointing and circuitous debate. Yet there still is no roadmap for change. We don’t have to be victims of this dysfunction. Education is an inherently local issue and we all have the power to rise up, organize and transform our schools for the 21st century.

School Improvement One Character at a Time (via @NMHS_Principal)

Since joining Twitter in March of 2009 I have successfully learned and effectively utilized a variety of social media tools to improve my school. I would like to share how I have harnessed the power of these tools to improve communications

Protecting Kids’ Privacy Online (via @CommonSenseEdu)

Protecting Kids’ Privacy Online A discussion about what parents and educators can do to teach themselves and their kids about protecting and respecting their privacy and the privacy of others online. She’ll also share what Common Sense is doing to improve the privacy climate.

Leveraging Social Media to Increase and Quantify Student Engagement (via @TomKrieglstein)

The internet is a decentralized place, with a lot of small, loosely-connected pieces, where individual engagement acts like a finicky firefly. Our traditional rules of on-campus physical student engagement need to be modified for an online world. 

If you could not attend the conference, you did not completely miss out. An archive of day 2 can be viewed here.



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