Can Mobile Technology Solve Cheating Problem?

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

New Atlanta superintendent Erroll Davis is facing a rocky year ahead filled with the restructuring of the school district after a recently released report implicated nearly 200 teachers and principals in a cheating scandal the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The report, which was 800 pages long, gives details on a history of correcting and erasing answers on students’ exams. There’s hard work ahead in what will be a major overhaul in the district: 

The road ahead is long and, in places, treacherous. It will take at least four months, likely longer, to work out the fallout among employees — including those Davis decides to fire. Students cheated out of their learning will need extraordinary help to get it back. Accreditation woes caused by the city school board need to be addressed in concert with the scandal’s consequences.

With the coming of mobile technology to the classroom, some wonder whether computerized testing could help eliminate these types of cheating. Online testing would prevent teachers from erasing or correcting answers after a test is submitted. 

Do you think schools should consider using online testing to prevent cheating?

For more information on what’s going on in Georgia, read the source here



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