Twitter: Classroom Edition

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Greg Swanson, writer of Apps in Education, wrote an insightful piece this week on how innovative ways Twitter can actually be used in the classroom. While many teachers have promoted the social network’s usage, Swanson provides some ways which may convert Twitter-for-class skeptics. Some of his suggestions include: 

1. Make your own Textbook

We have used twitter in our class as a way of creating our own textbook. It was really a book for those students who wanted to complete some further reading around the subject we were studying. The class was studying a unit of work on Picasso and the Development of Cubism. 

We created a class twitter account and then each time any of us found another online resource we retweeted it back to the school account. We then configured our Flipboard to feed from this account on to one of the content pages. The students had access to all of the resources in a format that easily resembled a magazine. 
We actually found out about an exhibition that we were unaware was on and the gallery had these fantastic education kits that accompanied the exhibition. That alone made this a great activity.

Other suggestions allow students to be involved in creative, entertaining and educational ways:

5. Create a real or online Scavenger Hunt with clues distributed via twitter.

I normally like to use QR codes for the clues in a Scavenger Hunt but just to mix things up I sometimes use Twitter. These Scavenger Hunts can be online like a WebQuest or a series of clues stashed around the school that lead the students to pieces of information that lets them decode the artwork or artist we might be studying that term.

What are some ways you use Twitter with your students? 

To check out Swanson’s other Twitter in the classroom suggestions, head over here




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