#iPadChat Archive: Wed. June 29 2011

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@Eduware_Inc Welcome to today’s #iPadChat. Today’s topic: iPad Knowledge at #ISTE

@Eduware_Inc Hi #iPadchat a couple RULES: 1)play nice 2)label responses (A1, A2) 4)submit ?s to @Eduware_inc w/o hashtag

@gee_mr #ipadchat #ipad #edtech our iPad activation assembly line http://t.co/HymfBbE



@lisettecasey #ipadchat still looking for google apps work around.

@gee_mr @lisettecasey #ipadchat Work around?

@Eduware_Inc #ipadchat Q2 via @lisettecasey : How do you handle Google Apps (docs, mail, etc) on the iPad?

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc @lisettecasey I set my Google “apps” as shortcuts to my home screen & then pulled them all into one file… #iPadChat

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc @lisettecasey although I have to admit I am investigating better way to handle Gmail w/multiple accounts #iPadChat

@Eduware_Inc #iPadchat is happening now! Come join us! #iste and #iste2011

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc @lisettecasey for Google Reader fans I always recommend Mr. Reader app for iPads; it’s GREAT! #iPadChat

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc @lisettecasey Hope it’s okay to jump in. I am Maggie, & obviously new to your twitter chat… thought I’d chk it out #iPadChat

@Eduware_Inc @AppsforiPads My Google reader app of choice is Reeder: http://bit.ly/den7hD #iPadChat

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc I used to use Reeder but have found Mr. Reader gives me so much more functionality within the app #ipadchat

@AppsforiPads Also, Oliver, the developer of Mr. Reader is great about suggestions for making the app even better! #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc Q3: #ISTE Attendees, has there been an iPad talk or workshop that you found particularly useful? #ipadchat

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc Cannot say I have, have you? #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @AppsforiPads I’ll have to give it a try. http://bit.ly/ kvgfzN for the recommendation. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @AppsforiPads I’ll have to give it a try. http://t.co/j6cpl42 for the recommendation. #ipadchat (link fixed)

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc If you would like to see Mr. Reader in action first I have a video-review at http://bit.ly/hFppWc #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @AppsforiPads Thanks for the link! We attended an iPad workshop on Monday which seemed very effective towards gaining fluency #ipadchat

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc I find that I am so buys it’s hard to put time aside for too many talks & workshops… which have you found useful? #ipadchat

@AppsforiPads @eduware_inc what workshop was that? Online? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey Have your tried Mercury browser? #ipadchat

@AppsforiPads @nathan_stevens I have tried out just about every iPad browser… & always seem to come back to Safari b/c it’s default #ipadchat

@AppsforiPads Well I have deadlines to meet, so I am going to run… thx for the chatter… I’ll try you again nexr week. Ciao for now! #ipadchat

@lisettecasey @eduware students will be limited to lightspeed browser. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Hello #ipadchat, who is here?

@Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey Can you share with us why you chose Lightspeed? http://bit.ly/lDf6VW #ipadchat

@lisettecasey #ipadchat really liked the session with the folks from #iear at http://j.mp/3KzfQ9

@Eduware_Inc #ISTE Attendees: Inspired by iPad during the conference? Come chat with us NOW with #iPadChat tag.

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey what is the difference between lightspped and mobicip? #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey I’m interested in the ‘What could 1to1 look like with iPads’ How was that? #ipadchat #iear

@bethanyvsmith RT @nathan_stevens: Hello #ipadchat, who is here?

@Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey Looking more into the Lightspeed browser, how difficult is it to setup? Do you need a subscription? #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc Q4: Any new #edapp s you’ve discovered at #ISTE that you are looking forward to trying? #iPadChat

@nathan_stevens @lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc That makes sense to me. Easy decision. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey I heard criticism that Lightspeed is lacking a robust browser feature set, have you ran into any issues with this? #iPadchat

@Eduware_Inc Useful Link: ‘Blooms Taxonomy App List’ http://bit.ly/lAVfaY #iste #iPadChat

@nathan_stevens Q4: If you are not trying @groupboard for for class whiteboard, you should really check into it. #ipadchat

@lisettecasey @nathan_stevens @eduware i haven’t played with it yet, hasn’t been set up by tech yet. Lightspeed has been very responsive #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens Did you see a demo of Groupboard at #ISTE ? Link: http://bit.ly/eV2yiq #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc not all the blooms apps are available on the ipad #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc No, I have been working on our own installation of the server side of the software #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc Q5: What are your general thoughts on scaling iPhone apps to the iPad? Is it usable? #iPadChat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc Q5: Depends on if the Virt. Keyboard rotates. (I’m looking @ you @Typepad) #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc RT @rockourworld: All of the McGraw-Hill iPad apps are currently free, as a special for #iste11. iTunes link: http://bit.ly/kefVF7 #iPadChat

@lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc Q5: What are your general thoughts on scaling iPhone apps to the iPad? Is it usable? #iPadChat The blurriness bothers most

@Eduware_Inc Q6: Has there been any non iPad tablets gaining attention at #ISTE this year? #iPadChat

@nathan_stevens @lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc @tonyvincent word cloud was nice, but I was hoping more people would submit apps. 5 were from me. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey I’ve experienced the blurriness myself. It’s uncomfortable, but not unusable. #iPadChat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc I have a Galaxy tab and am waiting for ice cream sandwich to come out #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens There seems to be a disparity in the knowledge of the tech and the knowledge of the apps available for the tech. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc No truer statement has ever been uttered. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens Any experience with the Galaxy in education? Are any schools considering it? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Q5: I like mindblowing which is a good app for the iphone and not bad on the ipad. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens I have heard of one school considering android tabs, but the malware and inappropriate apps in app store bother me. #ipadchat

@lisettecasey RT @Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens There seems to be a disparity… #ipadchat Look for the new book from McRel – Apps that work with CITW.

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc I am waiting to get my hands on a couple of the HP tablets. (I can’t believe I said that after the T1000) #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens Mindblowing looks great! Link: http://bit.ly/m2zEHd #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc How do you write a book on apps. It would be out of date in a couple of weeks. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc RT @nathan_stevens: @lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc How do you write a book on apps. It would be out of date in a couple of weeks. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc I am working on a ebook about apps, and I keep writing parts due to app changes #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens In my experience, the best place to keep up with apps is dedicated app blogs and/or twitter #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Is there anyone else with ideas other than the three of us? #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey I’m trying to find a link for the book, do you have one? #ipadchat

@lisettecasey @nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc The book focuses on effective classroom strategies and the use of apps to support. Apps will change #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc That is why I made my wiki. Fastest way to update. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc Is the book based on the ipad or ipad2. Two different strategies in play. #ipadchat

@gee_mr #ipadchat Has anyone looked into building a customized ipsw as a way to image iPads?

@Eduware_Inc Q7: Are schools buying iPads equipped with 3G? or WiFi only? #iPadChat

@lisettecasey @Eduware_Inc I’m trying to find a link for the book #ipadchat the book comes out in the fall. @erhubbell is one of the authors.

@Eduware_Inc @gee_mr Custom IPSW need to be signed upon restore by Apple, it would be tricky to work around this. #ipadchat

@lisettecasey On a separate note, this book just shared in a session – http://j.mp/l8Bwxp #ipadchat

@gee_mr @eduware_inc #ipadchat I hadnt thought of that.

@Eduware_Inc Custom IPSW is one way to Jailbreak a device, something apple is trying to squash! #iPadChat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc Wifi only from everyone I have heard from. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @lisettecasey I like the concept, need to push the idea further if going to try to get in the ed market #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey There was a GREAT ted-talk on this App/Book. Link: http://bit.ly/jrWeZG #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc @lisettecasey but wouldn’t a textbook be great if you could integrate student work into it? That is the next level. #ipadchat

@BCoyTech RT @Eduware_Inc: Useful Link: ‘Blooms Taxonomy App List’ http://bit.ly/lAVfaY #iste #iPadChat

@Eduware_Inc Q8: Many iPad sessions at #ISTE have been split between elementary and secondary. Is there room for the iPad in both areas? #iPadchat

@nathan_stevens With DV in classrooms, student could come with much better exaples for text. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens The ipad has the most apps for elem. The higher you go, the less apps there are. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc That’s been my experience as well, but more secondary schools seem to be adopting full iPad integration than elementary. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Secondary and higher ed tend to be more collaboratory in the apps that could be used? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc For elem. ed, the email address for most apps seem to be a problem. need approach similar to @voicethread #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @Eduware_Inc For elem. ed, the email address for most apps seem to be a problem. need approach similar to @voicethread #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens That’s a good point. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc Thanks for a great #iPadChat this week. We’ll be posting an archive soon and wish all of you a safe return home from #ISTE. Cheers!



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