What’s There to Learn on Mobile Phones?

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Media/Shift recently published a piece on the implications of mobile phone usage in the classroom and how trends are affecting education. Author Tina Barseghian, who interviewed cultural anthropologist Mimi Ito for some insight, said she arrived to the following conclusion:

The potential magic of the smart phone when it comes to learning lies in its ability to provide instant access to facts and the ability to collaborate with others, as well as provide a fun, mobile platform for educational games.

Barseghian later asked Ito if she has any reservations about using mobile devices as a learning tool to which Ito responded:

One concern with relying heavily or exclusively on mobile platforms is that because of the structure of how mobile services are provided, it’s often more locked down than in the PC-based world. There’s much less overall opportunity for user-level reconfiguration and customization and user level control.

Most mobile services have the walled garden approach, and that’s my one concern with certain populations relying exclusively on mobile access and not having access to PC-based uses.

Do you agree with Ito’s reservations? 

For more information read the source here



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