#NotAtISTE ? Not a problem! #ISTEUnplugged

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Have you always wanted to present at NECC/ISTE but were not selected? Or do you have a topic to present or discuss that wasn’t timely when formal presentation applications were due last year, but is so now?”

ISTEUnplugged solves this problem and many others by creating an open and timely environment, both at the conference, and simultaneous live streamed through the web. ISTE Unplugged helps those who could not attend the conference get in on the action, and those who couldn’t get a seat to that hot presentation, an opportunity to hear other qualified speakers discuss issues that mean the most to them. From their site:

ISTE Unplugged is held during and as a part of the International Society for Technology in Education Conference (ISTE ) June 27th – 29th. It is three days of presentations where anyone attending ISTE can sign up to present, held on-site in its own live audience area with a Promethean whiteboard, a microphone, and amplified sound (you need to bring your own presentation computer). Special note to presenters representing commercial companies: this is not a venue for direct promotion of your commercial product.

All ISTE Unplugged sessions will be streamed live through Elluminate and recorded as well. (To make sure your computer is configured for Elluminate, go to http://www.elluminate.com/support.) The broadcasting is taken care of by a volunteer there. All sessions slots are 30 minutes long–20 minutes to present, with 10 minutes for transition and short Q&A. If you really think you need a longer presentation, you can take two adjacent time slots–but be sensitive, as we want to allow as many people to present as have a desire to. If you are using a Mac laptop please make sure you have the appropriate dongle for your laptop to connect the projector.

For more information, check out ISTEUnplugged.



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