7 Tips to Enhance Your Virtual #ISTE Experience!

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

#ISTE Is a mega conference which pulls in over 12,000 visitors each year. Although many will be able to attend, not all of us can make the trek to Philadelphia from June 26-29. For those of you who cannot attend, Chris Atkinson at edreach wrote a very informative article to help make the most out of not attending ISTE in person, but still participate from home:

1.  Plug in to ISTE through Twitter

Search for the hash tag #iste11, save it in your TweetDeck (our other favorite Twitter app) and start enjoying a constant stream of links, knowledge, and other ISTE delights.

2.  Connect with ISTE news via Facebook.

Take time to “Like” ISTE and EdReach on Facebook, and get the freshest news from the conference on your Facebook page.

3.  View live streams of informal and formal sessions

This year ISTE is offering virtual workshops and some sessions for a small fee ($79), you can check out the options on this flyer.   In previous years ISTE offered the keynotes live streamed, via their website, to ISTE members only. My number one suggestion would be to attend the FREE unplugged sessions virtually via ISTE unplugged, check out the many options at ISTE Unplugged.  I also stay posted to my twitter stream to see if anyone in my PLN is streaming any sessions.

4. Virtually visit vendors that are in the exhibit hall

Click around the interactive map (linked above) and then Google some of the companies that interest you.  Most likely these companies may be running the same promos and new products on their websites to correspond with the ISTE traffic they receive in the exhibit hall.  Make sure you think twice before you buy,  and do your research.  Be sure to check out some of the latest product news and reviews coming out of EdReach.

You might also check out the ISTE press release page for new products coming out at ISTE.

5.  Link into the ISTE Conference Ning

The official conference Ning if free to join and allows you to access many session slides, notes, and links.  The Ning also allows you to connect with others who are either physically or virtually in attendance.

6.  Check into EduBlogger Con!

EduBlogger Con is the unofficial pre-conference of ISTE, and the “unconference” of all unconference; being held all day June 25th at ISTE.  It’s where edubloggers across the world go to connect and present prior to ISTE.   You can bet the house on the fact that great conversations, blog posts, links, and more will be flooding the blogosphere and twitter sphere.  So start tuning in early for some great stuff!  Also save the Twitter hash tag #EBC11 for the latest tweets out of Edublogger Con 11.

7.  Follow EdReach for great ISTE coverage!

If you are truly looking for some of the best ISTE coverage around you need to stay connected to EdReach.  Visit the site daily, listen to our podcasts, and follow our tweets.  The EdReach team will be on the ISTE scene!

For more info, read the source article here.




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