The 5 Coolest Things About Mac’s Lion OSX

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment


Lion will only be available in the App store, meaning you can’t install it with a disc. That also means that it’s easy to upgrade and update. Much like Snow Leopard, it’s only going to be $29.99. Unlike Snow Leopard, it’ll only take up 4 gb of hard drive space. Not bad. Some of our favorite new features:

  • » Mission Control lets you see all the apps and other things your working on easily on your screen. It lets you preview apps and programs before you actually select them, and lets you easily select new Spaces.
  • » The Mac App Store will allow you to buy software easily from the Internet. It’s built in to Lion as well. It’s worth noting that the Mac App store has surpassed all other channels for buying PC software.
  • » Auto save allows you to easily revert your document to how it was when you opened it, rename it, duplicate it, and even see past revisions and copy-paste from them into your new one. It’s basically like a version of Google Docs on your desktop, but better. It’ll keep you from having multiple copies of the same document on your computer.
  • » Airdrop will replace your USB flash drives – it’s peer to peer sharing, but with documents. Again, seems like Google docs, but built in to the computer. Airdrop will show you everyone who is using it, all that you have to do is drag-drop the document in question on another user and it’s shared.
  • » Mail will be searchable, and it will show emails as conversations, just like Gmail if you’re familiar with it. Searching your email is extremely easy – you can search by sender, date, or subject, or all three in one search box. SOURCE

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