Toning Down Mobile Device Distractions in Class

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Photo courtesy of DeSales University

Mobile devices are making their way into classrooms everywhere and some teachers are struggling to keep them from becoming distractions for their students. Many are mobile tech friendly but the distraction factors remain a main concern. Queens University of Charlotte professor and blogger Dr. John McArthur gives teachers some advice on maximizing classroom space where technology is involved. He says:

Classroom space should work for us, not against us. As the evolution of classroom space continues, many professors find themselves working in innovative environments like studios, computer labs, and modifiable classrooms. To effectively facilitate learning in such spaces, teachers must harness the power of the space instead of being paralyzed by it.

In order to achieve this, McArthur gives four strategies teachers should use in the classroom: (1) encourage lab time to be experimental, (2) employ energy shifts, (3) invade space and (4) direct confrontation. By using these strategies, McArthur argues that students will be more inclined to pay attention in class and use the technology sources they have at hand to their full potential. 

What type of strategies do you use to tone down the distractions?

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