Are Teachers Truly Ready for the Mobile Learning Revolution?

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The introduction of mobile devices into classrooms around the nation has sparked talks among educators and those in the education industry. Children are growing up in a world where they are continuously surrounded by new and ever-changing technologies.

      A recent study by New Media Consortium, entitled NMC Horizon Report: 2011 K-12 Edition, reports on new technology trends in classrooms and what it views as “critical challenges” to these trends. The Horizon Report listed five key challenges, with a lack of “digital media literacy” among teachers as the key challenge among educators. 

      “The challenge is due to the fact that despite the widespread agreement on its importance, training in digital literacy skills and techniques is rare in teacher education and school district professional development programs,” the study reports. 

      While it has been reported that teachers are becoming more mobile device friendly, the fact remains that many don’t know how to use or incorporate them in their classrooms. 

      It adds, “As teachers begin to realize that they are limiting their students by not helping them to develop and use digital media literacy skills across the curriculum,the lack of formal training is being offset through professional development or informal learning, but we are far from seeing digital media literacy as a norm.”

      Being able to teach on these devices must become a priority the report emphasizes. ”These trends and challenges are having a profound effect on the way we experiment with, adopt, and use emerging technologies.”

For more information, read the full report here

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