Microsoft Buys Skype: Should Schools Worry?

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

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Microsoft’s $8.5bn purchase of telecommunication giant Skype on Tuesday has many discussing what’s next for the two companies. Ed tech blogger John McLear says this merger could introduce greater Skype usage in the classroom but could also raise flags on e-security.

Microsoft will use Skypes deep telco contracts to leverage cheaper mobile communications.  With all these new connections and contracts it is conceivable Microsoft will partner with a manufacturer to provide a data connected laptop/netbook using the Amazon Kindle model of data.  The kindle model of data is basically a pay once, use forever but it has recently been announced this is likely to be subsidized by adverts appearing on your device.   

I think the potential use of these “light internet use netbook devices” could be perfect (for) basic net browsing however they won’t be suitable for 5+ pupils in the same classroom browsing ”rich-content”, whatever that is in 3-10 years time.

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