iPads are Replacing Textbooks

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

iPads are becoming commonplace in more and more classrooms. Now, they are pushing to replace textbooks with iPads. Kelly Okersen of Pepperdine states the following:

Texting in class, researching with online databases, procrastinating on Facebook, experiencing the magic of Google — technology is everywhere in the lives of Pepperdine students, and it’s clear that technology and education are becoming inextricably intertwined.

Think about it: Much of the research for papers and presentations is done online rather than sifting through books in the library. Many of your fellow college students sit around you in class typing dutifully — or checking Facebook and using their webcams. Riding the wave of technological advancement, several classes at Pepperdine began an experiment with iPads this year. Two sections of each participating course are taught: one in which the students use typical classroom technology and one in which the students use iPads that are loaned to them for the semester. At the end of the semester, students take a survey regarding their iPad use in relation to the classroom, and the two sections are compared.

For more information, visit the source link here.




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