#iPadChat: Must Visit Links August 10- August 17

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Every week #iPadChat followers share some great links to check out. Here’s this week’s latest round up:

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Apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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Avid Tumblr blogger and educator, CoolCatTeacher, recently shared this great resource for blind and visually impaired iPhone users. Many of the apps featured work with VoiceOver, a iPhone feature that allows users to use the device if they are unable to see the screen. Here are a couple of our top picks.

For those that are colorblind, consider using: 

Color ID Free by GreenGar Studios

Are there clouds in the sky? Is the iPod done charging? What color are the pants I just tried on? Does this tie match? Is the tomato ripe yet? Is this lip liner or eye liner? Is the sour cream moldy? Color ID Free is here to answer all these questions and more. Just point the iPhone camera at any item and it will announce the color for you. Brilliantly simple and easy to use, this application will open a new world to those who cannot see. It is amazingly accurate and can even find very subtle differences in color. It offers a setting for basic colors, such as “pale yellow green” or more advanced colors such as “fresh apricot.” For our tests we found the basic setting to be far more useful.


Voice Brief by Dong Baik

Voice Brief is a great utility for anyone, but for the vision impaired it is particularly useful. With the touch of a button Voice Brief reads your email, Twitter feed, weather, stock prices, RSS and Facebook feeds. This time saving app is fully configurable and works flawlessly. The voices are natural and clear. Are you interested but hesitant to spend the $3.99 on VoiceBrief? Then we have great news! There is a free lite version so give it a try at no risk.

For the notetakers, there’s…

Evernote by Evernote

Evernote has been around nearly since the beginning of the AppStore. This powerhouse application stores voice notes, photographs and text so that they can be accessed from multiple devices. Photographs are scanned for text which can then be searched. Evernote has VoiceOver support.

For other great apps, head over to the source here


Ten Ideas for Interactive Learning

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Any teacher, whether teaching kindergarten or high-ed, knows that keeping students interested and involved in their lessons is vital to learning. Kevin Yee, a professor at the University of Central Florida, authored “Interactive Techniques” in which he shares techniques teachers can implements and gives the following advice:

He cautioned teachers not to fear new methods because of possible failure: “I think it’s also OK if something is attempted and it doesn’t work. It’s OK to just be up front with the students and say, ‘Well no, this experiment didn’t work—let’s move on.’”

One of Yee’s techniques, featured bellow, is one of our favorites:

Test Tournament: Divide the class into at least two groups and announce a competition for most points on a practice test. Let students study a topic together and then give your quiz, tallying points. After each round, let students study the next topic together before quizzing again. The points should be carried over from round to round. “The student impulse for competition will focus their engagement onto the material itself,” the paper states.

What is one of our favorite ways to implement this interactive technique? Having students play EduRace of course! EduRace is part of ClickerSchool and can be used on mobile devices or with our clickers. We recently released it as an Apple app as well–ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker

Want to learn more about interactive learning? Head over to the source here

#iPadChat Archive: Wed. August 10, 2011

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@Eduware_Inc Welcome to the #iPadChat live! Today we are keeping an open ended topic, anything goes. #mlearning #ipaded #slide2learn

@dhudgins RT @coolcatteacher: Integrate Dropbox with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers on iPad and iPhone | Techinch http://t.co/cOVXhKz #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc Last week we discussed games in education, does anyone have any suggestions? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens I like stack the states and stack the countries. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc #iPadChat Reference: Stack the States $.99 http://bit.ly/hHyQoH and Stack the Countries: $1.99 http://bit.ly/fR1C1t

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens I haven’t tried those yet, what age do you recommend for them? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Both apps have lite version if you want to try them out #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc Great suggestion! RT @nathan_stevens: Both apps have lite version if you want to try them out #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens They are for Grades 1-12. May even work for a K. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Lunchline is a good app for younger students on making nutritional choices. #ipadchat

@tvallier @Eduware_Inc Do you think there is a place for physics based puzzle games in the classroom? i.e. Angry Birds et al? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Let’s create ! Pottery HD is works well for Art class. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Angry birds needs some additions to it to work for a class room. Maybe add angle degrees to it. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc #iPadChat Ref: Lunchline $.99 http://bit.ly/qvtDzJ Angry Birds $.99 http://bit.ly/9At1xg Let’s Create Pottery $.99 http://bit.ly/oFp9dh

@tvallier @nathan_stevens Are there any other physics based games which could be used with an edu spin? #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc RT @tvallier: @nathan_stevens Are there any other physics based games which could be used with an edu spin? #ipadchat

@eSparkLearning One of our teachers’ favorite apps is Pizza Fractions! Great for elementary math #iPadChat @Eduware_Inc

@nathan_stevens Newton’s Law ? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens I agree Pizza fraction is a very good app #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc #iPadChat Ref: Pizza Fractions FREE http://bit.ly/obXuPl

@tvallier RT @eSparkLearning: One of our teachers’ favorite apps is Pizza Fractions! Great for elementary math #iPadChat @Eduware_Inc

@Eduware_Inc @eSparkLearning Great suggestion! and FREE too! #iPadChat

@betavt Looking for ideas how to evaluate iPads in school. Any creative ideas out there? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens I am using this form to collect data and working on another http://bit.ly/pxlRcM #ipadchat

@tvallier @betavt Are you referring to evaluating students, or evaluating hardware? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens I have another on my blog to collect data on the hardware side #ipadchat

@tvallier @nathan_stevens That form is view by permission only. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens Do you have a link to any of the results? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens We have not posted yet, want to collect 3 semesters worth of data #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens I look forward to seeing your results! #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Forgot that it was private to only receive student data through the forms app #ipadchat

@tvallier I’m seeing lots of game apps being made for younger users, are there any games that appeal to the older kids? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens For older students, they should be creating not playing #ipadchat

@betavt I don’t see apps as the reason for iPads. Some might be helpful, but not the drivers #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens The app changes to device to what you need it to be. The apps drive the use of the ipad. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Without the vast app store, the ipad may as well be a droid. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Come on Google Marketplace, get it together #ipadchat

@eSparkLearning @nathan_stevens I agree- the apps allow for personalization of each iPad to suit individual students’ needs #iPadChat

@tvallier @betavt Without apps, do you see a place for the iPad in education? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @betavt Way to stir the pot #ipadchat

@tvallier iOS has two components: Dashboard, and apps. Mail, safari, and even system preferences are all apps that run on the dashboard. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens It won’t be long before most computer OS will have the same look and design. #ipadchat

@betavt They do, but answering complex questions is what the classroom is all about. Not about apps. #ipadchat

@betavt I do. I keep reading articles and postings about the next tablet that will replace the ipad. Still waiting. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens The apps are the means to help drive the discussion in the classroom #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @betavt I like to HP touchpad as the true competition for the ipad #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Androids still have a lot of work to do on standardization and security of the OS #ipadchat

@tvallier The apps are meant to enhance the classroom environment, not get in the way or replace it. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @nathan_stevens I’ve heard good things about the touchpad. Have you tried one out? #ipadchat

@betavt Anytime, anywhere learning with the world in your hand is my vision for ipads in the hands of students. If apps fit, great #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @tvallier The same statements have be used for desktops, laptops, ipad touches and whatever else in the classroom #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @betavt That is the brilliance of having the information in an app, can access anywhere and anytime #ipadchat

@betavt Touchpad is just like an iPad. The iPad is going to disrupt, to borrow form Clayton Christensen. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens I typed a tweet with laptop in it, and good several tweets about winning a new laptop. Funny. #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @betavt That is what we want. to disrupt and create new solutuions for the classroom. #ipadchat

@J3ro3nJ RT @coolcatteacher: Integrate Dropbox with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers on iPad and iPhone | Techinch http://t.co/cOVXhKz #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @betavt Are you referring to disruption on a micro or macro level? Could you elaborate? #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens Both, web 2.0 sites disrupted the normal flow of the classroom. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc #iPadChat: Must Visit Links August 3- August 10 http://tumblr.com/xbp40jgkxk #iPadChat #slide2learn #edu #edtech #mLearning

@nathan_stevens We went from a setting that had laptops lids closed during teaching to now wanting students to back channel in the classroom #ipadchat

@betavt @Eduware_Inc both. Instr, with PD, will change dramatically. Schools will too. Kids will not power down in school anymore #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens The ipads are the same approach. We are moving from keyboard and mouse entry to a finger base entry #ipadchat

@nathan_stevens @betavt We live in a world that will not let you power down. It is always trying to catch up. #ipadchat

@tvallier @nathan_stevens When the students backchannel, is the teacher participating, while lecturing? #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc #iPadChat Reference: “Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns” C. Christensen http://amzn.to/pCAa2g

@betavt Students can be back channeling with the teacher also. Observed a tcher use this model while watching a film once, great convo. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @betavt That’s a great way to backchannel! #ipadchat

@betavt Observed a principal use back channel for subject area mtgs. The entire faculty participated. #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc @betavt Was it successful? #ipadchat

@betavt @eduware_Inc very, we have also used for district inserivce to share ideas #ipadchat

@betavt Ipads can help with creativity – less exposure to the “creativity killing machine – school” to qoute Zhao #ipadchat

@Eduware_Inc Alright everyone, thanks for another great #ipadchat! I’ll have the archive posted later today!

@Eduware_Inc Our Free ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker app recently went universal to all iOS devices. Give it a try here: http://bit.ly/n2YgGD #ipadchat


#iPadChat: Must Visit Links August 3- August 10

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Over the past week, #iPadChat participants have been busy sharing links to must read articles. Here’s a roundup of those articles:

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Must Visit Ning: iPads in Education

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A couple of weeks ago we brought you Must Visit Wiki:Teach With Your iPad and now we bring you the ning to visit, iPads in Education. What’s a ning? A ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks. Sam Gliksman, an Educational Technology Director based in Los Angeles, hosts the site, which allows discussions between teachers and posts tips and articles on iPad usage. 

For example, this week’s discussion is: Would you purchase iPads or laptops for your High School? iPads in Education also gives tips on various topics, including iPad implementation: 

Planning is imperative for any technology initiative – iPad or otherwise. You need to ensure that you clearly understand and communicate how the technology integrates with your overall pedagogical objectives. Too many institutions purchase technology and then search for ways to utilize it … or leave it collecting dust on the shelf.

Planning needs to consider both infrastructure needs and the educational applications of the new technology. Without the proper preparation, technology initiatives are liable to become expensive failures.

To check out these features and more, click here


#140Conf’s #140edu Conference Reflections

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We were lucky enough to be able to attend the inaugural #140edu conference in NYC this week. This conference was fresh, captivating and showed wild potential for upcoming years. The theme for this year’s conference “Exploring the State of Now” was thoroughly explored, and we’ve taken the time to round up a few links for you to share or reflect on below: 

Daily Reflections:

Reflections on #140edu Day 1

Reflections on #140edu Day 2

Streaming Video:

Day 1:


Day 2:




Co-founder of the #140edu conference Jeff Pulver has announced next year’s schedule in a letter to this year’s attendees:

#140edu 2012 will be taking place on July 31st – August 1st once again in NYC at the 92nd Street Y. If you know of someone who might be interested in exhibiting or sponsoring our next #140edu I would appreciate the lead. Thanks again for joining us this week at #140edu.

I would appreciate hearing your feedback about the event.
Best regards, Jeff